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Posted November 08 2013
In Search of the Philosopher's Stone - Heidelberg Student Team Brings World Championship in Synthetic Biology to Germany READ MORE
Posted April 16 2012
2nd Heidelberg Forum for Young Life Scientists (HFYLS) took place on 23 and 24 February 2012 READ MORE
Posted April 13 2012
Monday, April 16, 2012 at DKFZ Communication Center READ MORE
Posted March 26 2012
Workshop organised by ViroQuant-CellNetworks RNAi Screening Facility READ MORE
Posted March 20 2012
The group of a Cellnetwork member Dr. Valery Grinevich together with the group of Dr. Ron Stoop from the University of Lausanne demonstrated a novel pathway of neuropeptide actions in the brain READ MORE
Posted March 19 2012
Scientists observe how oxytocin reaches central brain circuits and influences behaviour. READ MORE
Posted March 19 2012
Heidelberg Project will be presented at a DFG exhibition in the German Bundestag READ MORE
Posted March 15 2012
Within the CellNetworks internal funding programs the new Equipment Program 2012 has been started today. Please look out for the mail announcement. READ MORE
Posted February 24 2012
Heidelberg scientists uncover an unexpected location for biogenesis of small RNAs in plant cells READ MORE
Posted February 10 2012
Heidelberg biochemists decipher the “escort service” for biological solar collectors READ MORE
Posted February 08 2012
Heidelberg scientists discover the molecular mechanism of a G protein family READ MORE
Posted February 07 2012
German Research Foundation approves funding of 23.7 million euros READ MORE
Posted February 02 2012
Third funding period: over EUR 12 million from DFG for Collaborative Research Centre 638 READ MORE
Posted January 27 2012
Dr. Anton Meinhart and Prof. Michael Platten receive the Chica and Heinz Schaller Research Award 2011 READ MORE
Posted January 25 2012
Award winner Prof. Huajian Gao selected the group of Prof. Joachim Spatz for his research stay in Germany READ MORE
Posted January 23 2012
Second DFG funding period for research group from Heidelberg and Karlsruhe READ MORE
Posted January 19 2012
Heidelberg scientists discover unexpected precision in membrane component interaction READ MORE
Posted January 18 2012
Award ceremony 6 February 2012 at Zentrum für Molekulare Biologie der Universität Heidelberg (ZMBH) READ MORE
Posted January 16 2012
Annual Course of the Nikon Imaging Center February 6-10, 2012 at BioQuant, Heidelberg University READ MORE
Posted January 09 2012
Component 1 and 2 meeting 11-12 January 2012 at BioQuant on Heidelberg campus READ MORE