Research area coordinator: Melchior, Frauke
Research area vice coordinator: Brunner, Michael

Starting from the molecular building blocks, we ultimately aim at a time-resolved, three-dimensional picture of cellular networks and their spatio-temporal dynamics on multiple length and time scales. READ MORE
Research area coordinator: Spatz, Joachim
Research area vice coordinator: Knop, Michael

Research Area B aims at integration of molecular and biophysical parameters of this cellular architecture into a picture with high spatial and temporal resolution. READ MORE
Research area coordinator: Kuner, Rohini
Research area vice coordinator: Holstein, Thomas

Research area C goes beyond the level of the single cell, investigating signaling events and pathways controlling intercellular interactions and, at the highest level, behavior. READ MORE
Research area coordinator: Fackler, Oliver
Research area vice coordinator: Bartenschlager, Ralf

Research area D focusses on the alterations of cellular networks induced by other organisms. READ MORE
Research area coordinator: Schwarz, Ulrich
Research area vice coordinator: Boutros, Michael

Research area deputies: Sinning, Irmi and Höfer, Thomas READ MORE